New CPU, New hard drive?

I've recently bought a new CPU, the Q8300. I also bought a new hard drive so that I wouldn't mess my old one up (it has all my files still on it) but after fitting the CPU and the HDD it just won't work. It gets to the screen saying "DEL for Setup TAB for whatever" but when I press either of the keys, nothing happens. I tried waiting, putting discs in while on, booting up with discs in the drive, lots of stuff but nothing seems to get me into setup. Is there something I need to do either to the new HDD or CPU? Or is it ok to boot up from the old hard drive using a new CPU? My old cpu was a dual core intel, and the motherboard etc hasn't changed, just the cpu.

Any help on this issue would be massively appreciated.

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  1. Did you check that the motherboard supported the new cpu without a bios update?
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