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Hi all i have a problem with a friends computer in win XP, so when you press start button all recent icons opened are missing.
I have opened up taskbar customize and still not there when changed options, also tried pin to start menu, again nothing.

Last try was safe mode with network only and they appeared, closed and restart as normal as missing again.

The only thing i can think i can do is sfc / scannow to replace system files.

Has anyone come up against this. I know this is an old system but they don' t want to put vista on it and wont be any good for win7

Just also to clarify taskbar is there and icons on desktop are also there.... So no comments on kill explorer.exe and start new task....

help help help

Many thanks Steve
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  1. What do you mean "recent icons" are missing? The Documents part where recent documents are missing? Or the top part above the regular menu items like Programs, Settings, Search, etc...?

    Those top files are located in the root of the Start Menu folder, either in the user's profile or in the All Users one.
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