7900 gto upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card to something better. I have a max resolution of 1280x 1024. My budget is 100-150, I can do crossfire as an option.

AMD Athlon +4400 x2 OC @ 2.9
Mobo: MSI 790x
Antec 550 PSU
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  1. Perhaps an ATI 4850/4870 or even a 5750/5770? Either would be a noticeable upgrade over your current card without breaking the bank.
  2. How long are you going to keep this system?
  3. for quite a while it's only 1-2 yrs old
  4. what about an nvidia card?
  5. adam202 said:
    what about an nvidia card?

    nothing wrong with an nvidia, there are just alot of new cards from ATI with new technologies about at the moment..

    ati has some very compelling cards at some amazing price points. i assume you mean $, not £ or euro.

    for about $130 on newegg you can get a 5750

    will give you about 60+ fps at 1280*1024 across most games and is cool running and low on power requirements.

    the 250 from nvidia is older and hotter which also lack in features.
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    @ Adam202: At this moment in time ATI has the better cards in your price bracket. Do n't get me wrong, there's no problem with an Nvidia card but ATI cards give more performance per (place your currency here) than Nvidia.
    For a two year ownership and given your resolution and CPU and if DX11 is a concern the HD5750 is the best fit. If you are not bothered with DX11 then look to the HD4870, it's a fair bit faster than the 5750 and can be found for about the same price.
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