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I5 2500k + Noctua d-14

first of all, sorry if i make any mistakes, im french.

im totaly stunned by the noctua nh-d14, just bought it yesterday and results are amazing,
im currently running my i5 @ 4.1ghz and never past 47degree after running Prime95/evga oc scanner cpu burn test for like 30min.
Since a picture worth a thousands words, heres a screenshot guys
feel free to comment.
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    fits realy tight in my antec One Hundred ICE
  2. Is that an airflow tunnel feeding fresh air into it from the front of the case?

    If it is that's very smart!
  3. Push it! Let's see temps on 4.5Ghz...
  4. no its not a tunnel but actualy this is a good idea ill do it!

    gunna oc to 4.5 tonight. posting temp asap.
  5. How come you don't use Prime 95 to stress test CPU?
  6. OMG! you passed my megahalems rev.b push/pull!!!!!
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    I5 2500k + Noctua d-14=ultimate rig!!
  8. both Prime/evga temps results are the same, Prime95 doesent detect any failure
    i just used evga cause its smaller for the screenshot, ill add a prime95 result screenshot soon
  9. theres nothing rly important to show with prime95, no error after 30min, today its a bit colder in my room, couldnt rise above 48degree :)

    Any other things u guys wanna know ? tests i could run ?
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