I have some problems to choice a new mothercard : not for game but to have a good & quick machine .
Could you help me ?

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  1. The Gigabyte X58 would be the best choice.
  2. The sockets are differents. You can only install i7 8xx cpus in the P7P55D DELUXE (LGA1156). In the other one you can only install i7 9xx cpus (LGA1366).
    First you must know what type of cpu you want. Then choose a compatible mobo.
  3. Edit:

    In the LGA1156 you can install i7 8xx, i5 and i3 cpus, but not a i7 9xx one.
  4. Henry Chinaski said:

    In the LGA1156 you can install i7 8xx, i5 and i3 cpus, but not a i7 9xx one.

    I know that but the total price from :
    GIGABITE X 58 A UD3 R + CORE I7 920 + 2x2 go DDR3 CORSAIR = 534.95 €
    ASUS P7P55D DELUXE + CORE I7 860 + 2X2 go DDR3 CORSAIR = 508.80 €

    I want to do the best choice ... And after 3 days learning test , differents opinions ... I don't have a final choice .

    In the past , I made 2 computers with GIGABITE for friend : 1 was out of order quickly (15 months) & second after 3 years : both because of MOTHERCART ..

    1 of my personnal computer (5 at home) I have ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE : after 5 years : no problem (running every day 24/24 h..)

    Choice , for me It's not easy ..

    Could you help me to make the choice .

    ( sorry for my bad english , but only 2 years at scholl )
  5. I hate to burst your bubble, but thos eextra 30 euros buy a hell of a lot more firepower. check the web for differences between the bloomfield cores and lyndfield ones (i7 9xx vs i7 8xx) and especially pay attention to QPI vs DMI. You'll the difference is a lot more than those 30 euros. As for Gigabyte or not, you still have 3 years warranty on those, so.. why worry?!
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