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To get all of my performance out of the gtx 295 does the game have to be sli enabled i men games like wow i dont know if he supports sli but if he dosent will it just be like playing with a gtx 275? Thanks in adnvance
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  1. the sli is set in the control panel of nvidia, you have a place where is said to enable sli or not. The game will send the image or information to process bye it's the sli enable who decide if it's work sli or not. I have the same and when I check by default it's two gpu on the same card so it always enable sli mode.
  2. no actaully some games dont support SlI like GTA 4 when it came out and some other games, so yes it will perform like a gtx 260 more than a 275.
    It doesnt have anything to do with enabling it jive, its all about if the game supports it.
  3. WOW in particular has tip offs against dual GPUs.
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