Does a bigger hard drive make a difference on a graphic card

my question is i have a acer aspire laptop i just but command and conquer 3 it plays but slow now if i change the hardrive to a biger one and more memory would that help out the graphic card that i have is ati
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  1. i doubt it very much. laptops are generally not seen as gaming devices, thus the graphics cards they have (apart from high end gaming laptops) are not really upto modern pc gaming.

    you dont say what your laptop is, but it is very rare that you can upgrade the graphics cards.

    try lowering the screen res in game and some quality settings.
  2. Hard drives only affects load and save times. It will not increase frame rates.

    More system memory can help depending on how much you currently have, however it will be at best incremental. For example if you upgrade from 1GB to 2GB you may see something like a 3% - 5% increase in performance at best.

    Your only options short of buying a new, more powerful laptop is to lower graphics quality and/or resolution.
  3. Generally graphics cards cannot be replaced. As stated above, the HD only affects the load times, which are generally referred to as "seek" times.
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