Detect Drives Done, No any Drives Detected (PC won't boot!)

Hey all, having some trouble and figured this should be the first place to look for help.

Basically, I recently picked up a 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM HDD to increase the total amount of disk space I have (my current 320GB wasn't cutting it) but I wanted to avoid the hassle of transferring all the files I wanted from my old drive onto an external HDD and then once more onto my new drive. I'm currently booting from an SSD, and had a few applications on there (Chrome, etc) and my HDD only had two folders on it: my username folder (with Pictures, Videos, and other subfolders) and an applications folder, where I installed all my...applications. Rather than reinstall all my software on the née drive, I figured I would just unplug my BD-ROM drive, use the SATA cables for that (limited at the moment) plug in my new drive, format it, then copy everything over. This all worked fine and dandy, especially when I changed the old drive's path letter to something arbitrary, and then changed the fresh drive's path to the old drive's old path. My logic here was that the shortcuts to each application would remain the same, thus allowing me to basically continue using my computer uninterrupted, just with more space. All worked just fine until I restarted my computer and unplugged my old drive, leaving just my SSD and my BD-ROM hooked up. Now, instead of booting, I get an error message saying "Detect Drives Done, no any drives found" and then a message saying "Please select a proper boot device or insert boot media" or something along those lines. The BIOS sees the drives just fine, and the SSD was completely unchanged throughout this entire process until this error popped up and I did some tinkering with the SATA cables to no avail.

Did I do something ultra wrong? Am I going to have to do a fresh install of Windows? I'd prefer to not have to download all my Steam games if possible, and considering my Win7 boot DVD is with my family back home, I'd like a more immediate alternative if possible. Thanks in advance, guys! Let me know if you need any additional info.
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    It may be as simple as copying the boot sector information. Or there may be some other subtle thing.

    If you did the copying using a tool like Ghost, it would copy the partition type (although it would allow you to enlarge the partition) and boot sector, etc.
  2. Any way that I could do that without beIng able to boot? Also, I simply transferred the files within Windows. Drag and drop.
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