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Is the Asus Maximus 3 Gene really that good?

Ok 1st of all I am planning to buy an ATI 5850. And I'm worried that the enormous 5850 will not fit into the maximus 3 gene. Can anyone help me out? Does anyone here have the maximus 3 gene? Thanks allot :D
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    It looks like it will be a little tight in the top PCIE slot near the ram but it should snuggle in there just fine. If not you can use the bottom PCE slot with no problems.
  2. OK thanks allot you really helped me. I asked this question on this forum because i could not find a answer to my question anywhere else on the Internet. I've read so much about that the 5850 is really a enormous card. So you say it will fit with out a problem in the bottom slot? What I am also scared of is, if it gets to close to any other part of my PC it overheats??? Is that true? :??:

    These are the parts I am buying:

    Intel Core i5 750
    Sapphire ATI Radeon 5850
    Asus Maximus 3 Gene
    Huntkey 700W modular PSU
    2x2gb 1333MHz DDR3 Chaintech memory
    Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
    Thermaltake M9D Mid-Tower Chassis
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