Can I turn off wireless of the modem but use wired?

Hello, Can I use my desktop pc wired to a wireless talktalk modem, and turn off the wireless aspect. And then when I want to use my wireless laptop "turn on" the wirelees part of the modem.
Sorry if this is easy/silly but i'm new to this!
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  1. See if Talk Talk has a manual for the equipment -- you can usually disable wireless in these things (and turn it on via the same setup screens).
  2. Yes, I do this with my zoom everything box. Your manual will tell you how, but it should be in the web based configuration.
  3. type into an address row (internet browser) the Default Gateway of your router (you have to be connected, generally its or Login and passowrd should be admin and admin if not changed previously, then try to search under Wireless for something like Wireless radio enable and uncheck it. Then save and reboot.
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