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I couldn't believe it when I saw it, but its true. Nvidia has done the impossible, in fact they where so successful with the Ion, they are now moving onto making the Ion 2. The Ion fully supports mordern games like, Call of Duty 4 and other similer games.

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  1. For the Ion 2, they should make several models. For example, if they had made the Ion 2, four times the size of the original, I belive they could fit a decent G92+ core GPU along side a decent Core 2 Duo CPU for max performance out of somthing so small. It should be 100% portable like the Ion, but way smaller then a console to make it more attractive to the average joe.

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. Jesus, just looking at that thing is incredible. It's smaller then my router!!! :D

    Edit: GOOOOD BYE DESKTOPS! No more "Desk" top.
  3. im a still surprised we have yet to see more netbooks with a 1280x800 screen with ion. it has taken a while to get to market.
  4. Asrock as made the Nettop PC... Man its so lame. The just supersized the thing and did nothing to it. Apart from add a dvd rewriter drive.
  5. i know this is not really the target crowd for ion systems but who would buy one?

    while the size is amazing, for a htpc i would prob go for an amd system, such as a 785 system. the netbooks have such a small screen that i would never purchase one, and my laptop does everything i need on the move.

    i like the product it just does not make sense from a system build perspective. even after all this time. shame.

    the zotec ion ITX board is £170, where as a 785 with a 2.9ghz x2 is £115.
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