Intel Atom n280 socket type

Hey guys,

I have a asus 1005ha netbook with atom n280 processor. I was looking to open up the netbook and upgrade the like faster celeron or something

I need to know if the socket types of celeron and atom are similar or not...

Could you guys please point me to any processor which is similar type as the atom n280 but more powerful which will fit in my 1005ha netbook??

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  1. Not possible. Atoms are embedded into their motherboard and are soldered on, you cant even upgrade between atoms because of that.
  2. Oh that sucks...
    well lets just assume for the sake of knowledge that it is upgradeable than what would be the case??
  3. Atoms use a 441-ball µFCBGA type socket which isnt remotely similar to the 775 socket so you wouldnt be able to upgrade to anything but another atom and even then you wouldnt really have good performance as the atom was designed for low power rather than decent performance.
  4. okay thanks for that info
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