HELP! CRASH/BOSD when try to play a game with STEREO 3D enabled

Hi all.
I'm new to the forums,so sorry if anything is wrong.

I just bought a brand new computer,just to play with 3d vision,but I'm having problems to play.

After a fresh install of Win7 64 bits,I installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my graphics card and 3d vision.

If i try to play the game with Stereoscopic 3D OFF,there is no problem at all.
But if I turn Stereoscopic 3D ON on the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL(and doesnt matter if I set to 3d vision discover or the real 3d vision) the game crashes almost immediately when gamplay starts.I tried to Hide Stereoscopic 3d effects when game starts,but it crashes anyway.
Sometimes it just crashes and by crtl+alt+del I can get out,but sometimes I get BSOD.
It only crashes IN GAME,I can use Windows with no problems.

There are two more things: if I set the game to a low resolution, like 640 x 480 and turn the Anti-Aliasing off,the game runs with no problem!
And I also can use 3d vision(glasses),works ok.

I tried with the drivers 1.11 and 1.13 and nothing solved.

Do you guys think it might be a hardware problem?My VGA is new.

I took the Graphics Card to a friends house who have almost an identical system,and the game crashed there too.
I have a XFX GTX295 single PCB and he have a EVGA GTX295 double PCB.
We both use Win7 64bits and he can play with his card with 3d vision with no problems at all.

Can somebody help me?
This is driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. RMA the card, if you tried it in your friends rig and it caused a previously playable game to crash then that would suggest the card could be bad.
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