I7 920 stock cooler thermal pads or compound?

So I have the i7 920 which i just got today. Im a little worried about the temps these cpu's get. It looks like im stuck with the stock cooler for some time so im just wondering if the thermal pads that come on the heat sink are any good. I have arctic silver 5 thermal compound which i am considering removing the thermal pads and using the compound instead. But if the temps aren't that bad with the thermal pads then i might as well just use those. So my question is for anyone who has an i7 920 and is using the stock cooler with thermal pads, what are the temps? If anyone has replaced those with thermal compound, has it made much of a difference?
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  1. My biggest fear would be the pad adhearing to the CPU and pulling it out of the socket when you need to do some maintenance. I would recomend using a thermal compound for that reason alone. The difference in temps shouldn't be very great but I don't have any numbers on a 920's stock cooler to tell you.
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