Revodrive 3 vs RAID Vertex 3

I am wondering if anybody knew which would be better to buy? I currently have one vertex 3 that i would sell and buy a revodrive 3 or should i just buy a second vertex 3 and put it in raid? Anybody know which will run better?

Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z
Intel 2600k
8GB GSkill 2133
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
Corsair AX1200
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  1. Which would be faster... RevoDrive 3 x2 ( ).

    It is not limited by the SATA 6.0 controller & PCIe has a higher bandwidth. It would out perform two SSD in RAID0, as they are limited by the controller.
  2. dual V3 120's would beat a regular Revo3 running from that very capable Intel 6g mobo. 1 gig reads and 900MB/s writes in Atto. Huge small file performance due to Intel's excellent caching effects as well.

    However, dual V3 120's would NOT beat a Revo 3 x2.

    speed costs money.. how fast ya wanna go? lol
  3. I am running a Highpoint PCI RAID card with a few Vertex 2's attached. Would the RAID included on that Asus board (or any other mobo for that matter) be comparable to a dedicated PCI RAID card?
  4. I think the dedicated PCIe card will outperform the other drives.

    For your segguestion question, that all depends on the card, they make cheap RAID controllers that are cards and they make very good ones. I'd say any good RAID controller with on-board cache and procssor would probably do better than hte onboard, but then again, will you even notice the difference? Personally I'm going with a Revo
  5. great, thanks a lot... The Revo seems like the fastest (and cleanest) way to go.
  6. lol.. no one listens to me. Here's a dual V3 setup on that same mobo/post #984.

    A Revo can have potential compatability issues with some bios raidroms as well so it pays to research. Since that board has not much of a bottleneck to begin with?.. Revo won't free up any restriction for perceived gain. Good luck

    Also keep in mind that the original Revo uses the SF1200 series controller which has much reduced garbage collection and trim recovery speeds(and throttling tendency) when compared to the newest SF2281(used in the V3). So be sure to stick with Revo3.
  7. Also pay attention, special attention to what motherboard you plan to install a Revo in.

    At the moment I recognize a historical change in PC gaming with these drives. They will be the fastest way to game, bar none. SATA is dead, long live Revo.

    With that said....

    You can get a LS Raid controller and stick 8 vertex 3's on there and provided you are still conscious from writing such a large payment you probably might match a Revo.

    *Disclosure, I use Vertex 3 because my MSI Board does not have the proper PCI3 slot for a Revo. I can probably dump all the stuff out, throw this board away and get another new MSI made specifically to accept Revo and take my SLI set up too.
  8. I noticed that your list of pc components includes a brand new Z68 motherboard, EVGA GTX 580 SLI and high end memory.

    Are you a gamer? Is that what you use the ssd for or do you do something else? The reason I ask is because intended use is a factor to be considered when buying decision.
  9. My boss is getting a revo3 x2 120GB. . . for microsoft office.


    The build should be running monday. I've got pretty extensive familiarity with other SSDs, i'll let you know if it's really an earth-shattering difference.
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