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I have a Dell SC440 and I am getting a sporadic error message after I added a new DVD drive to it. The error states:

Drive 4 not found: Parallel ATA, Data-0 (Primary IDA Master) Strike F1 Key to continue and F2 to enter setup.

So I did check out the BIOS and those 2 IDE's as "ON". It seems like the problem isn't consistent so I don't know what to think. Any ideas??

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  1. What is the other device attached to the same channel as the new DVD drive you put in?
    Did you make sure to set master and slave jumper manually on each device within that channel? (Don't bother using cable cable select)
  2. Thanks for your reply. The only device on that same channel is the DVD drive. The drive doesn't label which pins are cable select/master/slave. Which ones are which?

  3. Ok, I have verified that config. I only have one device connected (TKD DVD RW880n) on that cable and I tested it as master (also as slave) and I still get the error. I even tested it with another cable on the same TDK DVD and even with another drive/cable and all have the same error message. Another wierd thing is that the motherboard bios states Pata-0 is empty and Pata-1 it shows the drive. As far as I see it should be Pata-0 right? Any ideas on what could be going on here?

  4. On your motherboard the 2 IDE ports will be labelled IDE 0 and IDE1 (or something simular) corresponding to Pata0 and Pata1. The bios should be showing you where you installed the drive. If its not on IDE0 move it over. If it is on IDE0 and being reported as PATA1 then you might look for a bios update for your motherboard. Otherwise I'd be looking for a new motherbd
  5. Hello,

    Turns out it was my CMOS battery that needed changing. Everything was physically set up correctly and it just wasn't holding its setting. The machine had been in storage for about a year prior to this build so I think it die during that time. All is well and it is now reporting NO errors.

    Thanks to everyone for their help!

    Cheers! :sol:
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