Painfully slow USB

Having some issues with my setup.

I have a netbook (MSI Wind)...when I attach a Windows 7 boot cd or bootable USB, it does the whole 'loading file' and gets me to the repair screen very fast. This thing is only an Atom 1.66Ghz with 2Gb RAM why is it when I put the same disk or bootable USB into my 3.2Ghz quad core with 4Gb 4-4-4-12 DDR2 memory does it hang for ages? Takes about 4 times as long to present me with the 'Install now' screen. Watching the light on the USB I can see it only accesses (spelling much?) it for a short time (then the LED goes to idle) so its hanging for a fair while. Im guessing it either searching for current installs of windows, or something else very strange happening. help appreciated. using an Asus p5kc


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  1. Go into bios and disable the 3.5 floppy disk this is a bug with windows 7 install I had same problem on my ASUS board also had the same problem on a GigaByte board also and I disabled the floppy drive and BAM loaded in a snap.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Now to format my usb to appear as a local drive....see what fun i can have!

    Following some guides but if anyone has a tried and tested method it would be much appreciated

    Going to install onto an 8Gb USB but want it to appear as a portable hard drive, not a removable USB

    There are ways to do it, but the guides im using are 'bitty'


  3. Whats the point?
    Netbooks are rocks that havent figured out they are dead....
  4. Hi All

    Im placing this in many forums as this had worked for me on many systems now to solve the slow usb's within Windows 7...I advise that you update your system bios and then once thats done update your chipset drivers....

    It sometimes only takes to only do your bios but please be carefull updating your bios, as this is a minefield if you are unsure what your doing so PLEASE BE CAREFULL....

    hope this helps
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