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So, i'm planning on maybe doing some upgrading on the following rig:

Mobo: Asus P5Q-C
CPU: intel E8500
GPU: ATI hd 4850 512mb
memory: 2x1 GB OSZ platinum ddr2

I have been thinking mainly of upgrading the memory. but then comes the question, 4GB more ddr2, or should i go for ddr3? My mobo is a combo version and supports both ddr2 and 3.

and anyhow, anything else that is worth upgrading?
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  1. Definately stay with ddr2, If I were you I would sell the 2x1gb and buy 2x2gb instead of adding another 2x1gb kit. I Have similar setup and Im seriously thinking of upgrading the gfx card sometime soon, but that should depend on your monitor size/resolution.
  2. yeah, im not even thinking of buying another 2x1gb kit, if I buy ddr2, i'll go for 2x2gb... The thing I meant is that could i run the old 2x1gb kit alongside a new 2x2gb kit, or will that just create harm?
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