Will ati 5870 run on this psu and bottleneck question

thinking of getting a 5870 , and I am wondering if this psu will handle it and the rest of my system.

psu: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371015


q9550 2.83 no oc
4 gb 800 mhz ddr2
ga-g41m-es2l micro
4770 ati
also will my micro board bottleneck as I read that is not actually pci 2.0 but newegg said it is.

and my stock q9550 won't give any bottleneck i presume ?

or should i just get 5770 since i love x770 cards? :p
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  1. also why 5770 is not as strong as 5850? 4770 = 4850 pretty much
  2. That power supply will power your system just fine.

    I don't imagine your quad will bottleneck your system. Also, I'm unfamiliar with your motherboard. On newegg like you said, it says pci express 2.0 x16, are you sure this isn't the case? Regardless it will be backwards compatible with pci express x16, however, I'm not certain as to whether or not that will cause a bottleneck.
  3. on gigabyte site it says it's not :??:

    my frames are as they should be with 4770 if not better
  4. The EA 650 is more than enough for that GPU/system.......

    I would get a 5850 and a better mobo.... just my 2 cents....

    Here are some numbers :

  5. That PSU will run it with ease.

    You may come across some games that will leave the gpu bottle necked by the cpu(the game will max the cpu before being able to max the video card, just crank the graphics higher and if the performance stays the same, you have maxed the cpu), but it should not be an issue for the most part. This part is very game dependent.
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