Are these normal temps for my CPU?

Hey yall,

I just want to know if these are normal temps for my E8400 CPU oc'd to 3.6ghz.

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  1. Those temps are quite low. The temps you are looking at are for the sensors at the cores not the tin. If you took the time, you could easily get that to 4ghz. 100% load temps should be 60-65 C that is safe. The temp measured at the top of the chip usually trails that by about 5-8 degrees. I hope that helps. If you want some information about my overclock. I could help you with the voltages that worked for me. I have an E0 stepped E8400 running at 4.1GHZ 24/7. 24 hours prime95 stable. PM if you would like to know anything else.
  2. I concur!
  3. Are you running Prime95?
  4. Those are idle temps. What are the load temps?
  5. Those temps are better than my e8400 OC'd to 3.6 Ghz so I would say those temps are very good.

    What kind of cooler sre you using?
  6. You should really dl prime 95. You need to stress test this compy for stability and temperatures. Reply back with those temps
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