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Howzit guys.
Ive just caome home with a 2TB USB 3.0 hard drive (Segate GoFlex Desk Freeagent) and am only getting bout 59mb/s copy speeds!!! ive plugged it into a USB 3.0 socket in my pc, and have just gotten the latest usb drivers...
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  1. I assume you're copying files from your internal drive to the external drive. When you copy files from one drive to another the transfer speed is limited to the slowest of:

    - the drive you're copying from
    - the drive you're copying to
    - the connection between them.

    USB 3.0 won't be a bottleneck in this case. You're clearly able to get USB 3.0 speeds because 59MByte/sec is higher than USB 2.0 is capable of (in real-world use). So there's no reason the transfer rate over the connection couldn't be higher.

    A new 2TB drive should accept data faster than that unless it's a green drive or unless it's nearly full (which would probably mean you're using the slower innermost part of the drive).

    Which probably leaves your internal drive as being the bottleneck.
  2. thanx!
    I thought there was another component at play here!
    it helped alot [:aford10:4]
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