No monitor signal on start up in SLI

hi, i recently upgraded my PC to SLI. I was having trouble with the setup at first, because my motherboard was not recognizing the 2nd card. I decided to go into the bios, and i change the SLI configuration, and everything worked well.

However, since then, whenever i start my PC i get no signal (cant see anything on monitor) until windows starts loading. Once that happens, everything works perfectly. I just cant see the BIOS.

I know this is a SLI problem, since when i remove my 2nd videocard, i can see the BIOS no problem on startup. This problem has persisted in vista and windows 7, although i doubt its a windows problem.

Any help would do please, as I cannot find much online. I feel asthough it isnt a product problem, but something silly in the BIOS, for example a setting.



Monitor: proview
Videocard: geForce 9800gt SLI
Memory: 6 GB
motherboard: M2N-E sli
Power supply: 700 watts OCZ
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  1. Have you tried shutting down and then swapping the (I assume) DVI lead to the secondary card and then booting up?
  2. yes i have. I tried the DVI into all 4 inputs, still no signal.
  3. I'm assuming you have the latest drivers, it's just that the last time this happened to me was back with a 7900GT SLi rig and it was a driver issue.
  4. i do without a doubt for my video cards.

    They only thing that might be in question is my motherboard. Ive gone to the nvidia site, and ive tried installing the latest driver. However i remain unconvinced that they have updates my motherboard.

    How can i check this?
  5. Nv control panel > system information, will show what chipset drivers you have installed.
  6. hi, thanks for all the replys.

    i cant find my system information in the Nvidia control panel.

    There arent any options called that
  7. Which OS are you on? W7, Vista or XP?
  8. now, windows 7
  9. I'm not running W7 on my SLi rig so I am using the Vista install for reference :-

    Do you not get this after you have installed the nForce 15.51 drivers?
  10. nope. I dont have both the performance and system update tab.

    i could try and load vista and check, i think ive seen that before.
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