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I am not in the UK, but want to receive streamed live radio (sports) from the UK which is currently blocked, as my server is not based in the UK. How can I fool the server into thinking I am in the UK?
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  1. Depending on how the server is picking up where you are from, some servers are set to read the regional settings in your computer, so you can change your regional setting in the control panel, however because lots of times people install with default installation and it is sometimes wrong, some servers actually check your IP address, the IP address since it is registered to your ISP therefore it is capable of getting the info that way if that is the case, you would need to change your IP address to a UK one and that would not be possible unless you spoofed it and that would be illegal.

  2. Agree with Mike00, very difficult to do unless you are into serious hacking (read lawbreaking). One of our sites uses Satellite ADSL based in Italy and now convinces websites our servers are based in Turin instead of the UK, it's causing us some issues but without hacking into the ISP itself, I'm told there are no alternatives to getting around this as the public IP cannot be altered..

    try a proxy. its not illegal.
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