Newest Nvidia driver bug?

When i updated my driver version to 197.07, the latest available now, all temperature programs stopped displaying the GPU temps. All they say is 0C for both GPUs (GTX295)... what do i do to fix this?
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  1. bump... I need the to be able to monitor temps again, and i cant find out whats wrong anywhere
  2. What programs are you using to monitor temps? Just download speedfan and you will be fine...
  3. No you guys dont understand, ive been using all those monitoring tools, but after the driver the temperature sensors on all just vanished.
  4. Does reinstalling older drivers bring the sensors back on line?
  5. What SS said.
  6. I just installed the latest drivers form Nvidia and I DO NOT have that issue.
  7. Rolling back drivers does, but... wtf dont new ones work?
  8. What OS are you using?
  9. Mousemonkey said:
    What OS are you using?

    64 bit vista ultimate. Hardware specs are in my member config.
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