Direct draw and direct 3d acceration agp texpture acceration is not available

there is deep freeze on my computer so everthing gets erased ones i do it. i instaled direct 9 x and intel video 3889.i did this on my birthbay and the games started to work. but when i did it again the next day it did not work. here is the infromaTION the system is using the generic video diver. please install video provided by the hardware draw test 3d functionally not avalible you should verify that diver is a final version from the manufacture display is this device name manufacture n/a chip type n/a everthing is n/a expect this current display mode 1024*768 (32bit)(1hz) main diver vga version 5.01.2600.0000 date 8/ 4 /2004 08:00:00 WHQL LODGD YES MINI VDD vga. sys VDD N/a DDI version unkown i have a pentim four and i really dont know how to remove deep freez without the password system model e4300 intel r 4 cpu 3.00 ghz(2cpu) diret x verson diretx 9.0 c
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  1. I'm sorry, could you try rephrasing your question? It's honestly very hard to understand what your problem is.
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