Connecting IDE to my SATA motherboard; limited space.

I've searched through old threads about this and found a few things but none that answer all of my questions. This is my first build, so thanks for your patience.

I have an old IDE drive I would like to connect to my new motherboard, which only has SATA connectors. I was planning on buying this converter. However, that looks like it just connects directly to the end of the HDD. My case (a HAF 932) has a sideways HDD rack, so there isn't space to do this.

My plan - buy the adapter and a short female to male IDE cable. Use the cable to connect the HDD to the adapter, which will just rest on the bottom of the case. Any problems?

Also, from page 4 of the user's manual, it looks like I can bypass the power adapter if I have a 4-pin power cable available? What kind of cable would I need to connect to the power adapter?
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  1. sounds fine to me. great case, you will like it. as for the power... 4 pin power cable used to be the gold standard of power cables and every power supply that i know of comes with plenty of them. should not need the power adapter.
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    you could also just get a 5 inch adapter for your HDD and put it in a drive bay. would solve you sideways mount problem ( and they are cheap )
  3. Hm. I can't seem to find any female to male IDE cables, so a 5 inch adapter might help as well. God knows I have enough drive bays with that case.. (I do love it).

    I'll do some more looking; I think I'll end up buying the adapter. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Okay. My case comes with a 5.25" to 3.5" bracket, but the screw holes don't line up with those on my HDD (it looks like it's mean for a 3.5" floppy drive (why the heck would Cooler Master include something like that as a default?)).

    I can:
    A. Try letting it sit on the bracket with no real attachment (not preferred)
    B. Try to jury-rig some way of attaching it. It actually looks like with a bit of drilling and some small washers I could get one screw in on each side. (PREFERRED)
    C. Buy a cable. Is there any limit on how long IDE cables can be before you start having problems?
    D. Try using brackets like these. My HAF case has button-push drive mounting, but it looks like there are still screw holes to mount things manually.


    The adapter in the case works. I had to mount the drive so it was slightly ahead of the actual bracket, so I needed to take out the metal punchout (but it fits behind the replaceable grill). All I need now is the ide to sata adapter, which seems simple enough. Thanks for the help!
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