Preparing an nVidia system for Ati card

Yeah I have done searches, read about using DriverCleaner etc.

But my situation is a tiny bit different.
See last night I was changing the heatsink on my nVidia 9400GT, the new sink wouldn't mount properly, so I reseated the old one with some new thermal paste, booted up no problems.

Went for coffee, came back to find I'd forgotten to plug in the GPU fan. :sarcastic:

Now I do not have a working PCI-Express graphics card. Super.

This morning I browsed all the cards available locally, and found the Asus Formula 4770 to be the best value for money that meeted my needs correctly (mostly being a quiet card with active cooling and good performance at my monitors resolution).

So tomorrow I'll be putting an Ati card in to a machine that is completely installed for nVidia.

With Windows 7 will this just work, or will I need to use safe mode, or am I just purely out of luck?
Can I use DriverCleaner etc in safe mode and is it necessary (assuming I uninstall the nVidia software)?
(by necessary I mean if I uninstall the nvidia driver, will windows work properly, or do I need to go crazy and get everything done in safe mode?)

If nobody can help, I'll just wing it tomorrow night I guess.
Any information or recommendations appreciated. Thanks :)
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  1. 4850 or 4770, the former runs slightly better and is usually cheaper, the later runs slightly cooler and uses less power.
  2. I already ordered the 4770, for the reasons you posted :)

    I wanted a 4850 but because of the new 5800 range, the recently imported range has very slack 4850 options (all loud internal fan etc, no more IceQ+ models etc). Asus Forumla was cheap, and reviews said it ran cool, came close to 4850 performance, and was quiet compared to other cards.

    Also looked at 9800GT range as it was cheaper and still met my performance needs, but nothing caught my eye. same as our current range of 4850's here, loud internal fan cheap models. 9800 from GB with its passive setup would be awesome, but the heatsink went over the back of the card which would hit my NB cooler. So ended up with the Asus Formula 4770.
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    It should install just fine. No need for safe mode and drivercleaner is optional, though I'd recommend it on first boot up with the new card in just in case.

    Install card
    boot up
    Windows will load default ati drivers
    run driver cleaner, clean all gpu drivers
    install latest Cats

    you probably wont have to reboot at this point on Win 7, but you can if you like.
  4. Thanks!
    That's better news than I expected.
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