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I'm trying to help someone out with their laptop and it's having serious problems. The problem is ever time you turn it on it will start up and get to the windows loading screen then after it's done with that it instantly flashes blue to fast to read what it is saying, then it starts the process all over agian. Now I've tried to boot from disk with my vista, but it loads then nothing. It won't boot from any thing I've tried and if you go to debug info it give's you an error code that I don't have written down right now. The laptop is a dell insperon 1525 and I posted it here because I have come to the conclusion that it's something to do with the motherboard.

I would like any help anybody can give, any methods that I haven't tried. Just a side note he would like to preserve his data if at all possible.
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  1. Hmm, when you load to Windows and then it immediately craps out at a certain point, I've seen that be caused by a failing hard drive. I've also seen it caused by RAM with a bad sector -- every time it gets to a point that hits that particular bad sector, the system crashes. The fact that it also happens when you boot from CD seems to point to the RAM as the more likely culprit.

    I would try testing the system with different RAM and see if it boots -- if so, you have bad RAM.

    Or, you could try moving the hard drive to an identical machine. If it doesn't boot, it's likely the hard drive. Alternatively, you could try putting a different hard drive in the quirky machine, and if it boots, that's another way to tell the old hard drive is failing.

    Basically, try any of these three tests based on what parts you can borrow or otherwise get your hands on. You should get a pretty strong, although not 100%, indicator of what's wrong.
  2. Thanks I will try to get my hands on some ram.
  3. 1) how old is the laptop
    2) what brand
    3) what windows on it

    Have you done updates lately ?

    I've had problems with update/laptop lately

    on win xp/vista/7

    these last update make BSOD.

    If that's the case, boot in safe mode and uninstall latest update or do a system restore

    good luck
  4. Type the error code into a google search box.
  5. Have you tried safemode? If it boots into safe mode change the reboot upon error thing and get the blue screen msg. That can help point you in the correct direction as well.
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