Land line phone hacking

Please tell me how someone hacked into my land line phone number so it appeared that a call came from my line.
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  1. The person in question used a portable phone and wired it to the phone box located outside your home (creepy)
    or he just aligator clipped a phone into the box to make that one call (most probable).

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  2. You should call your phone company regarding that matter. A call came from my line, like extension phone. If this is a network hack your phone company can deal with that.
  3. haha sorry. They didn't do any hacking. There are applications out there that you can use and set your phone number as number so caller ID shows up as them.

    I'm on Youtube when my buddy pranked me like this. Pretty funny with our conversation. He used a sound board and a bad side of the city party store to prank me and others. My cell was showing the place and a quick map check I had no clue.

    Anyhow, they used a software application to pass information through their phone to your caller ID.
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