I recent got a new case for my computer and moved my old emachnines internals into it. I also installed a a new graphics card but for some reason there isn't any sound anymore. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. My guess is that you don't have the sound driver installer.

    press "windows key" + "pause"
    goto hardware tab and then device manager

    is there a component with a yellow "!"

    Is you sound onboard or an add-on pci card
  2. Nothing with it "!"

    It's onboard audio and sound was working just fine before i moved it all to the new case.
  3. What your motherboard model number?

    ill take a look at it.

    You could also go to the manufacturer website and download the audio driver there...

    i know that with some asus, iv'e got some installation issue....

    but need model to find out
  4. if all you did was a transplant and didnt change any parts my bet would be something got unplugged. Where are your speakers hooked up to? The case audio output or the back panel?
  5. Yes, it was just a transplant. The speakers are plugged into the back panel.
  6. You said you recently installed a new graphics card. Some graphics cards have an integrated sound card so they can pass audio over HDMI. The computer may have defaulted to the GPU sound. You can pick the default audio device in the Control panel. Did you re-install your motherboard audio drivers after installing the GPU?
  7. It's a GeForce 9800 GTX that I installed and doesn't have hdmi. Just in case I went and checked the default audio advice and reinstalled the drivers but still nothing.
  8. is there anything besides the ide cable that should be connected to the motherboard?
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