Need help - no signal to monitor after installing new GPU

Hi everyone,

I'm building a new PC. Using an Intel DG45ID mobo running Vista 32bit and everything seemed to be working fine. My monitor is a Sony SDM-HS94B and it was plugged straight into the mobo via the DVI port.

Problem came as I tried to install a new GPU (PNY nVidia 9800GTX+). I put the GPU into the PCI slot and booted up the computer - no signal to my monitor no matter which DVI port I was using (either one on the GPU or the mobo). After rebooting my PC a few times with no signal, I finally opened up the PC, took out the GPU, and finally got a signal again on the mobo. The opening screen had a bunch of error messages the first time (too fast for me to read, but I caught the world "field" somewhere on the screen). So now I'm back to using the mobo's integrated graphics card.

I have a suspicion that I need to fix something in BIOS, but not sure what. Any suggestions?


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  1. Ya when the GPU is installed you mobo will automatically disable onboard video.

    Did you plug in the 2x 6 pin power connectors? What are the specs on your PSU? I would suspect a power issue.

    However, the fact that you got errors after you took the GPU out is concerning. If you continue seeing errors I would reset your BIOS and run a memtest.
  2. I have a 450-500W PSU, so it shouldn't be an issue.

    More background - this is actually the 2nd time I'm building this computer. The first time I built it, I ran the monitor on the mobo and then on a 6600GT (from my old computer) with no issues. I then swapped out the 6600GT for the new 9800GTX+ (that just came in the mail), and things were still fine - I was able to plug-n-play and only had to adjust some settings. Finally when I was doing some windows update (for Office, actually), the computer froze and I had to reboot the computer. I immediately started getting error messages during startup that wouldn't go away. I tried re-installing Vista and the error msgs still wouldn't go away.

    So finally, I took out the new GPU, and re-installed Vista with the monitor attached to the mobo, this time the error messages finally went away, so I took great care as I installed all my updates, etc. Finally the real test came when I put the GPU back in again, but this time no signals whatsoever. I then took out the GPU again and plugged the monitor back into the mobo and I saw the error message the first time I rebooted my computer, but the error messages have since gone away.

    I'll try to play around with my BIOS when I get home tonight, but I'm beginning to worry.
  3. This is a problem with old drivers of nvidia.
    Here is a resolution.
    Download Drive cleaner, search for it in google, delete the old nvidia drivers with drive cleaner, install the new drivers, ready.

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