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Hi guys, I'm new here.. I have freshly got my FX 6100 cpu , and I want to overclock it now:). My system :
MOBO: ASRock 970 Extreme3
Processor: AMD FX 6100 BE
Ram: 2X4GB DDR3 1600MHZ Hyper-x Genesis BLU CL9 ( profile 1 loaded)
VGA: GV-R697D5-2GD-B (it's a flashed modell of HD6950)
PSU: Chieftec CTB-650S A85
Cpu cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro7 Rev2 ( in idle the proc. is abou
40 celsius, and in load is ~ 60c
HDD : Seagate Barracuda 500G/ 16MB/7200RPM
OS: Windows 7 X64 ATI Edition
I have red a previusly forum here , where a guy asked the same .. and the first answer was that: Sell fx 6100 , and buy phenom ii x6..
PLease do not answer this to me too , because I can't afford that .
So first I have some question.
1.I tried to disable the amd cool 'n' quiet , but when my pc restarted , my windows did not boot up. I tried this twice , or more but I couldn't make my system to boot up. What's the problem here? if I disable the cool and quiet , then why it doesn't let my windows to boot?
2. After this problem , I let cool and quiet to be enabled , and I turned off AMD turbo core. After it i set the multiplier to x20.If I rembember well it meant 4ghz.. Next step was to try if it is stable .. I started the windows , it booted up , and when the programs loaded I've got a blue screen. I was a bit scared because I tought that I have damaged my cpu , or mobo
3. I red somewhere that somebody could get 4,5 GHZ with this processor .. It would be really enough If I could reach 4,2 stable .

Why do I want to overclock my CPU? Because ex: GTA 4 I have very weak fps , so everything is set to highest , just the view distance , vehichle density , and shadow density are set to 30. If I set theese to 100 , I will get ~19 FPS.. I think it is unacceptalbe for a 6 core cpu...

So please help me , I'm waiting that man's answer who overclocked his fx 6100 before , or an expert's opinion.
And please write it down , if I have to give more voltage , or set memory latency , or something else.. please write down tthe numerical value of thoose.

And.. sorry if I had any gramatical mistakes, I'm hungarian ..
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  1. First off, download sisoft sandra and run their memory benchmark and make sure you don't have the issue of 8.5gb/s, if you do, check the memory settings and fix that issue first. Without proper memory support, nothing will help the 6100.

    I originally had an issue with my 8120 only pushing 11.5gb/s, ended up removing the memory and installing it in the other slots, got it up to 17 gb/s stock and 19 overclocked. Currently pusing memory bandwidth of 20.5 GB/sec with 2133 memory speed (switched motherboards, Asus has more bios options and is running at an even lower voltage than with gigabyte)

    As for kicking the 6100 in overdrive, follow this guide.
  2. I tried this, I benchmarked my memories , and I got this
    What can I do now?
  3. Was busy this weekend. First that picture is way too big. Is it only the mem test, make sure the bios is set properly, speed, timings and esp voltage, some memory require 1.65v and others 1.5. If it still crashing, test each memory stick separately.

    If its all tests in sandra that cause the crash test a stock settings.
  4. Sorry , I forget that this website doesn't configure the pictures.. I tested with stock settings , so everything was on default settings , and it crashed .. Now when I'm playing on games , it is stable .. Almost forget a question:D
    I think my HDD makes my pc slow and I don't need overclock my system.. because I have Seagate 500GB 16MB 7200 rpm (sata)
    Ex: Resident evil 5 , everything set on max settings my vga is working at ~ 70 % ..and I have ~200fps but.. isn't it a bit strange? why is my vga working on just 70%? It should work at 99% , as fast as it can shouldn't it?
    And my processor is working on ~ 40 % in this game .. I think my HDD slows it down ..
    What do you think? will a 64 Mb buffered HDD speed up my games , and let the processor , and my vga to work on 100%?
    In the other hand , if it won't speed up .. I will remain at overclocking .. Thanks for the video what you linked, but it couldn't help me because there was an fx 8120, and other motherboard , and rams.. So I can't use those values to oveclock my pc.

    Thank you for your help
    I'm waiting for your answer.
  5. set your amd 6100fx 6 core to 1.4125 volts and over clock it from 3.3 to 4.0 ghz easy on a 8 core stock cooler so .any up from that on coolers shud take the increase to at least the 4 ghz mark..hope this helps..the ram ,just buy the mhz you need and set up the cass to the same as you .9 9 9 24 ,,make sure its set to what they shud be on...increase the volts .and bingo....just u will have to find the volts depending on what board and ram you buy depends on how stedy it runs...all a tad different ,but the cass timing need to be correct to then move on to the volts...have fun.
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