Computer dies as soon as I open a game?

Hi everybody,

I've recently upgraded to a Core i5 system with 4gb ram, Radeon 5770, 550w Corsair PSU and MSI P55-CD53 motherboard.

As soon as I open a game, the computer restarts. Blue screen of the death is the message that appears in Windows after the reboot.

Anyone have any idea of what's going on?


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  1. I ran Memtest86+ without any error and Prime95 does not seem to have any problems. I think bad video card... Any thoughts ?
  2. It sounds like the psu isn't able to handle power requirements of the card when under load. But Corsair is a good brand and 550w should be ok for that system/card so I dunno.
  3. paste the BSOD error msg in here please.
  4. My first thought was PSU except for two reasons:
    1 - Corsair makes pretty good power supplie sand 550 watt PSU is more than adequate.
    2 - An inadequate PSU generally causes a clean reset/reboot (no BSOD).

    My guess would be a defective video card or bad video drivers. I'd try to install the card into another system.
  5. i would vote for:
    1. driver clashing, he didn't uninstall previous drivers properly.
    2. bad ram, either system or graphics card's.

    need more info to analyze it.
  6. Perhaps its a cooling issue. I remember a few years back one of my AMD cpu's (cant remember which one) used to overheat under heavy load and the system would reboot, cant remember if it used to blue screen tho.

    Check the temps in the bios.
  7. Seems that the problem is fixed now.

    I've reinstalled Windows 7 64 and the drivers that came with my video card. Everything seems to work nicely. Will run benchmarks and stress tests to confirm. Thanks for the help, guys.
  8. i would recommend you to download the latest graphic drivers,retail drivers are normally very old.
    and make sure to get x64 drivers
  9. I kept getting BSODs when playing Left4Dead with my GTX260...although it didn't have any trouble playing FarCry2, Crysis, Oblivion, etc

    I swapped it for a 4870 and the issue was resolved.

    It was really weird that it would only crash for that specific for me, I had the newest maybe the drivers had a bug that crashes certain games.
  10. I'm getting BSoD and system restart often whilst playing DoW2. I'm running a 4890 with a 550w psu. Its also happened whilst under load in Gary'sMod. I've updated the latest drivers, cleaned registry. Would this be a GPU cooling problem? It's really giving me a headache.
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