Need XP drivers for Inspiron 5050

My brother has a Dell Inspiron N5050. He has a plotter that's a bit older, but doesn't want to part with it because of how much he invested in it. The N5050 has Win7, but the drivers wont work with his plotter.

He went ahead and installed Windows XP Pro SP3. The problem is now greater... driver issues for the following

- VGA Graphics
- Networkcontroller (Wifi)
- Sound Device

I found a workaround for the sound driver, although it appears another sound driver/device is not found (but sound works so it's not a high priority). However the big issue is No Wifi. The Ethernet port works.

The dell website for this laptop only indicates this as a Dell WLAN device of 1701, 1503, or 1501... I scowered the internet looking for this, and could find nothing.

The wifi driver is TOP priority... if anyone else has a solid XP driver for this type of laptop, please share your knowledge. Thank you!
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