How to stable pc after unlocking???

My cpu is AMD Phenom II X2 560 BE 3.3GHz
RAM 4gb DDR 3
Main bord- MSI 760GM-p23

I tried to unlock cores from CELL MENU by Unlock CPuU core to enabled and ACC to auto.
But I'm facing few problem::

>after saving that setting pc reboots but the monitor doesn't display anything but the pc runs , then I clear COMS and start again

>then I use the same setting for second time then that works.

> When windows starts there show some new problems like: Screen start flashing in few minute, all the internet browsers start crash e.g: Firefox, Google Chrome ,Opera. i tried to run these three but crash. And the most importantly Windows Aero Transparency system doesn't work..

is that a problem for power or something else...

Please anyone give me some suggestion .....
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  1. if you have checked the CPU bath on the website, there are some CPU codes that can to unlock and some can't . . if it fails in unlock the overclock is the best way ... just a suggestion
  2. thanks. but my CPU has the option but I can't do it... and if cores are unlocked then those problem arises as I told earlier...
  3. it means your CPU fail to unlock ... try overclock
  4. ok.thanks :)
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