My Sony cyber-shot cam micro Sd card doen't work?

Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Sony cyber-shot cam micro Sd card doesn't work after i put it in my card reader.After this i put my card to camera the camera also said please change the my computer the card is detecting but the properties are showing free space-0,used space-0.When i click on the removeable icon its said pls format.Formating also not working.How can i get my photos back.Pls give ma a solution.
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  1. Does the card still work in the camera? Can you download the photos from your camera using a USB cable? Otherwise, I think you may have lost your photos.

    I have a medium sized Olympus point 'n shoot. It uses XD media :(.

    Anyway, I discovered that, if I formatted the card in the camera, a card reader/computer cannot read the media, whereas if I first formatted the card in the computer, the camera can use it.

    In hindsight, that's the kind of thing you need to check for before you use the camera for valuable photos.
  2. I've had similar issues with other devices and cards. It is difficult to obtain the data back in full original condition. The most common issue is that the user does not eject the card properly. It seems obvious, but you must eject the devices properly. Apple users are used to manually ejecting devices because certain prompts inform you. If your a PC user than it's a little more hidden but is usually one of the icons at the bottom right of your screen. As for properly recovering your hard drive's information. Iv'e found a reference site specifically for Sony devices that you should take a look at.
    You can download the driver software and instructions here. Let me know if this helps.

    Lead AV Tech, AA Rental
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