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For the EVGA X58 Tri-Sli Classified Motherboard I am thinking to buy a one only module of 4.0GB memory and later keep adding more as time passes, this motherboard support upto 24GB Memory I may not go that much but in the future at least 12GB. This is my question is that a good idea to go with one 4.0GB Memory? I am interested in this memory's at newegg:

Or I should buy 3-Sticks each 2.0GB:

Thank you.
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    Well the larger the memory is the slower it tends to be your best bet would be to go with the 3 2 gig sticks. Also if you use just one stick you are losing out on performance because it has triple channel memory so to get the most out of it use it so get the 3 x 2GB kit. Also if you are building this rig for gaming 4 to 6 gigs will be more then enough ram, any more then that is almost a waste right now. 4 GBs for the most part is all you will ever need but since you have triple channel you will have to go 6GB to get the best performance and maxamize the bandwidth.
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  3. Thank you for you reply and help. Ill go with the Corsair then.
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