Help me pleease im abit confused

i dont know what cpu to get for heavy gaming and overclocking.
these are the things im getting.
video card
these are the two cpus im confused on
triple core
duel core

i already have 4 gigs of ddr2 1066 im getting another 4 gigs soi will have 6 cuz im giving my friend the other 2 the ram is all ocz ram
please help me i have been looking at these 2 for months now and cant figure out witch is better.
thank you very much

if anyone has any other sugestions please let me know.
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    Its dual channel memory. Use 2 sticks or 4, not 3 or you will reduce performance. 4GB is all you will need for gaming anyway.

    Either CPU should be good. There are a few games like GTA4 that will play better with more cores, but most still play faster on a faster dual core.

    I dont know if you budget would allow it, but ATI is out with the 5800 series GPUs now. If you want to use DX11 in a couple years when it becomes common then spending an extra $100 to get a 5850 (which is also 60% faster than a 4870) might be a good idea.
  2. thank you very much i will still have 4 sticks ill have 2 1gb stick and 2 4gb sticks
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