hi guys. pretty soon im gettin a fx-8150 and im gonna try to overclock it an fx-8150 has 8 cores and 3.60 i would like to raise it to at least 4.50 but if its possible to raise it even more id like to do so. so im wondering if it would cost me any money to overclock it, if so how much, and how much money it would take to overclock it. by the way is it safe to overclock? oh and just in case i screw it up i've decided to overclock some intel pentium's that i own
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  1. Any particular reason your going for the FX-8150?, generally speaking the Intel corei5 2500K is faster and cheaper.

    Anyway no matter what CPU you have if you want a good overclock you'll need an aftermarket CPU cooler
    The 8150 is a hot running CPU when overclocked so you'll need a high end CPU cooler. Something like the noctua NH-D14, Thermalright Silver Arrow, Corsair H100, Alpenföhn K2 Mount Doom or Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler.

    Overclocking can be dangerous, it can kill your components, but aslong as you stay within the recommended max voltage and temp limits your CPU will last along time

    More voltage and heat = more degradiation and will reduce the life span of the CPU.

    There's overclocking guides at the top of the overclocking sub-section of this forum.
  2. would this fit an fx-8150 and would it be a good one Corsair H70 CORE Liquid CPU Cooler
  3. Yeah the Corsair H70 is a good cooler and compatible, just don't expect extreme overclocks with it.
  4. why not?
  5. does that mean i should get a different one if im overclocking to 4.80 to 5.00 ghz???
  6. All I'm saying is its not the best cooler out there, there are several better options if your budget allows (see my first post).

    Why not have a look at some reviews for the Corsair H70 to give you a better idea of its performance. Also its not just the cooler that will effect temps, your rooms ambient temp is important aswell as your PC case's cooling and cable management. Also the amount of voltage your CPU needs for 4.8 - 5Ghz will play a large factor.
  7. if i need 1.45 volt for 4.8 will the cooler i mentioned work well with it my room temp is usually cold
  8. If your ambient temp is REALLY low and your case cooling is excellent then the H70 may be ok with 1.45V

    in this review http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/amd_fx8150/4.htm the H80 struggled to keep temps below 81C under prime95 with 1.435V
  9. so i should get a better cooling system??? if so pls give me any recommendations you might hace
  10. Again see my first post for my recommendations :)

    Just a word of warning, some of the coolers I listed earlier are very large, so make sure your case can support them.
  11. dont worry ive got a full tower nzxt phantom
  12. im actually getting an i5 5.0 2600K so how far can u overclock that?
  13. Changed your mind on the 8150 then

    Most 2600K's will overclock to 4.6Ghz+ with what most people consider safe voltage. obviously every chip is different and won't all overclock to the same level.
    I had a pretty bad chip that needed 1.51V for 5Ghz, I wouldn't recommend going over 1.42V for 24/7 use without exotic cooling.

    Just a note: The 8150 and the 2600K have completely different architecture so there not comparable by just there clock speed.
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