Who is your favorite Motherboards maker?

Who is your favorite Motherboards maker?



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  1. UP
  2. Gigabyte. But there are more than those two manufacturers.
  3. use poll
  4. wouldnt touch anyone other then ASUS or Gigabyte even then iv stopped being a fan of ASUS's high end products recently

    MSI has to be the bottom rank for me - there utter rubbish
  5. ASUS
  6. phenom21 said:

    use poll
  7. if u keep saying use poll i will go mad!!!
  8. EVGA of wait, the ballot is confusing I demand a re-count.
  9. up
  10. up
  11. up
  12. up, up, up...do you mean bump?

    Oh and Asus and Gigabyte in my view are equal. When i buy boards from them i just look to see which specific board i like. Both are 5 stars, both have their strengths and some weaknesses. Its just depends on the specific boards. I voted Asus because i bought an Asus for my latest PC :)
  13. The onpy giga yte board ive.ever had was an old socket a/462 one. It dis a great job ocing my athlon850 to 1050 mhz. Then i sold it to a friend LOL i had an asus board for the same socjet. It literally caught on fire at some point. The psu still worked though, so does the hard drive. The graphics csrd cpu and ram= fried... Anyway i still votex asus theyre better
  14. up
  15. why not DFI?
  16. gigabyte or asus
  17. I can understand limiting a poll to what he has available, but if he is from the Middle East, he has more than just Gigabyte and Asus available.
  18. I know, I know. Use poll.
  19. Asus or Gigabyte
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