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AMD 9950 BE Voltages

I have an AMD Phenom 9950 BE 125w on a M3N72-D mobo and was going to try to attempt my first OC. 9950 specs say Vcore should be between 1.05 and 1.3v. It is currently set at 1.360v when in auto in BIOS and also CPU-Z reads that as well with no load.

Where do I go from here? do I lower my voltages withing the ranges, try to overclock at those voltages and start increasing again after it doesnt boot? Also if I am setting the core voltage and after reboot the value in bios is showing a lower or different voltage then my manually set voltage, is this a problem?

I am still working on getting a voltage reading under load...
EDIT: Load goes to 1.345

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    Try and stay below 1.55V and 60C under load.
  2. I think I can manage that!

  3. After setting the BIOS CPU Voltage manually to 1.3750v, after booting windows CPU-Z Shows the Core voltage at 1.33v. Is this a concern?
  4. No, not a concern, its just Vdroop (google it), you should be able to counter the effects of Vdroop with load-line calibration (LLC) if it bothers you. :)
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