Winfast Foxconn K8S755A-6ELRS

I have 2 Winfast Foxconn K8S755A-6ELRS boards but I'm having a serious problem installing them.

I neglected to save my manuals and in my haste to integrate it into a new case, I didnt note the pin configuration for the HDD LED and the reset and power switches. It appears as though Foxconn is out of buisness and I havent had luck with the Winfast website either. It seems as though it might have been bought out by LeadTek and there is no imformation regarding this particular model.

Ive also done a massive search online for ANYTHING that might lead me to a pdf manual download but no luck. Can someone help me with identifying the pins on the motherboard to identify where the connecters are? It is not clear where these pins are at on the board and there are no labels of any kind.
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  1. My case connection pins are labeled Jpanel1; yours are located next to the motherboard battery, a round lithium cr2032. Some are color coded; for my board, the power switch pins are located next to the power led indicator light, and are black (2 pin lead). The reset is also 2 pin, and located directly below the power switch; the hd led light is 2 pin and located next to the reset pins. You may try different configurations until all the case indicator lights work without hurting the board; all the leads are low voltage.
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