Sata 6 0 drives work on Sata 3 0 controller

Just want to confirm if I have a SATA 3.0 controller will it work on 6.0 Drives? yea I know the transfer rate wont be as good but if it works at the reduced speed thats fine, just dont seem to be able to find a definate answer so far.
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  1. Yes, all versions of SATA are backward and forward compatible, so a 6Gbit/sec SATA drive will work on a 3Gbit/sec port. Occasionally you get combinations of drives and ports that don't autonegotiate properly, but if that happens (and it's pretty uncommon) the drives normally have a jumper that lets you force them to the slower speed.

    Note that hard drive transfer rates don't get anywhere near even 3Gbit/sec no matter what kind of SATA chipset they have, so you won't loose any performance by using a 3Gbit/sec port.

    Some of the faster SSDs will be bottlenecked by a 3Gbit/sec port, but only the transfer rate will be bottlenecked and not the access times - and since most of the benefit of an SSD is in it's fast access times you'll still get almost the same real-world performance.
  2. sweet thank you =)
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