32inch 1080p LCD TV for Gaming

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to decide which lcd tv to get to replace my brother's busted 26inch samsung lcdtv.

Since the 32inch prices look affordable, my research around the web shows that the LG 32LF20FR shows this lcd tv as being great value for money (i'm not going for samsung since the last one failed me and the cost to fix was almost as much as buying a new tv!)

The tv will be used for the xbox360, and also as the primary monitor for the pc (watching hd vids as well as gaming)

anyways i'd appreciate any feedback from people who have either used this screen or is familiar with using LG (i'm not). thanks a bunch in advance!

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  1. I once tried hooking my pc to my 32" samsung LCD tv and starting playing Crysis warhead. Couldnt get very high resolution on it tho so I stuck with my 24" Widescreen Dell! Which is full 1080!
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