Commandline set User Password to never expire

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew a command to set local user's account's password to never expire.

This can be easily done through GUI by using a check-box, but that is not easy to script (have to use autokey and stuff...).

"net user" seems to allow the account to never expire, but I don't see an option to have the password set to never expire.

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  1. Check here for related information.. hope you find something usefull.
  2. Just go there paste the code in a vb script and fire the script
    it worked great for me i was search for a way to tick that damn option for several users
  3. Why not just go into the local policy editor and set the "maximum password age" to zero. This will prevent all passwords from expiring.
  4. net user youruername /expires:never
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