New hard drive problems, please help

I currently have 3.o sata mobo. I have 2 other 3.0 sata hd installed working fine. I am trying to add a 3rd. The new one is a segate 6.0. Will this work on a 3.0 mobo. I installed the new hd, device manager pops up and says this device installed correctly with a green check mark. Windows does not recognize it. Bios, and disc management does. It is a 2tb, but disc management only shows it as 3.86 gb. status says not initialized, and unallocated. If I right click on it to initialize it, it is grayed out (not an option). In EASEUS Partition Master, it says read only. Any ideas. Thanks.
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  1. It appears that your new drive may be DOA. :-(

    If the drive spins up but cannot read its hidden Service Area, then it will identify itself with a factory alias (eg ST_M13FQBL) and a reduced capacity.
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