Checksum bad m2n mx se plus

Do you known if some have the same problem with a cmos checksum bad on m2n mx se plus.I tried to reflash the bios and change the bios chip but nothing happen!!!!
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    You need change the battery of your mobo, usually that problem is because when your PC is off the battery don't providing enough power to the mobo.

    If you want learn more about Checksum error, read this: Checksum error
  2. Hey welcome to forums!!! Your problem may be your battery, but every time you flash ur BIOS when it is finish it jus says "done" or "finished" or something of sort.....then u need to hard restart and IT ALWAYS SAYS "CHECK SUM BAD"....i dont know why but it is VERY NORMAL, it suppose to happen. Anyways all u have to do is go to ur bios and load system defaults or fail safe>>> ;)
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