Confusion about backup tape formats


I am trying to work out what some old tape cartridges are but a lot of confusion about formats. First I though they were QIC now they could be Ditto according to wiki.

See here and

Look at the top photo and the one on the left looks like what I have but they look the same as each other.

I am also looking for a drive to read them and have a large QIC tape to, I think.

Any good ideas or advice about this?

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  1. Anyone?

    Well I have just got hold of a segate stt20000a.

    Only problem is can't get a driver for 98se and just can't seem to find them. No driver for xp, as it works.
    Now I need some software so I can try and read the the tapes.

    So can someone at least recommend some software. Free would be best. I don't need to back up, only read the data from the tapes.
  2. For god sake, not much help on here is there. :pfff: :pfff:

    Tried symantec Backup Exec an no use plus to complicated.

    Thanks for the no help. sarcastic: Better try another forum.
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