Need advice on cooling an i7 920

I'm in process of building a new machine, and needed some advice on a good CPU cooler.

I have a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 mobo, i7 920 CPU, CM Storm Scout case, and will be getting 6GB RAM, and a radeon 5770 video card.

I don't want to use the stock heatsink and fan. I'm not planning on doing much overclocking, but may play around a little. I wanted to get a good heatsink fan combo to keep the rig cool. Its been a few years since I built anything, so I need some advise.

Is there any cooling solution you guys would recommend? Also, is arctic silver still a good choice for thermal grease, or is there a better one to use?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. I recommend the Cogage TRUE Spirit CPU Cooler. It is one of the best i7 920 coolers for the price. It is pretty close in performance to the Thermaltake TRUE Rev. C for half the price. It will give you the ability to reach 4.0GHz on air.

    AS5 is still one of the best thermal compound still on the market. I would stick with it (I use in for all of my builds).
  2. get this:

    that is the best one i have ever used, it is 120mm, variable, copper, and just the best :D
  3. ares1214 said:
    get this:

    that is the best one i have ever used, it is 120mm, variable, copper, and just the best :D


    The Scythe Mugen II is ranked as the second and only a hair below Prolimatech Megahalems in cooling performance. It's the best bang for the buck.
  4. Thanks everyone. Now all I need to do is see if I can get that beast to fit in my case =P. documentation says keep it down to 6", this is 6.2" Have to measure it out and see if I can squeeze the extra.
  5. i also have a cm scout , scythe mugen-2, and a core i7 lol.

    The thing is, you MUST get the smaller ram. You can't get the corsair dominator rams w/ the pointy heatsink thingies. I'm not sure how to explain it in words, but you cant place the mugen 2 vertically because the top fan gets in the way. So you have to place it horizontally, but then it will cover the ram slots, so you MUST get the shorter ram, like g. skill. That's what i have

    hope this helps!
  6. Get CM690 then. It is extremely cheap, very good in cooling and much better in looking IMO.
  7. That definitely helps. Its always nice to get word from someone with the same case in a situation like that. I was looking at going gskill for teh ram, and had been debating on the ones with fancier heat sinks, but decided to go with this set. Appeared to give me a pretty good bang for my buck.
  8. Titan Fenrir HSF in the Antec 1200 will serve you very well
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