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I7 2600k Overclock

Hey guys, I let my Asus mobo, OC my CPU to 4.4, sometimes i dial it up to 4.8 to test.

However I noticed something odd today on HWINFO in the voltages...could this be a glitch, or real?

V.core peaked a t 2.040 sometime, in the past 30 mins, the most I did, was browse the web, and like 5 mins of the witcher 2.

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What's the best way to overlock the i7 2600k on a p8z68 mobo, I can get it stable easy at constant voltage, but once I use offset mode, i get crazy voltages, up to 1.48 on 4.8ghz, when in constant i dont need more than 1.37 for that.

Should I just keep it in constant voltage or would my chip degrade faster? Only plan on keeping for like 3-4yrs.
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  1. If your motherboard really did put 2V through your CPU your CPU temps would be extremely high certainly higher than 46C, secondly it would probably kill your CPU instantly.

    I would guess you have the offset voltage set to high in the BIOS. what's your CPU's stock VID? (should tell you in the BIOS)

    1.37V is perfectly fine so long as your temps are reasonable (below 75C under load) , I'd expect your CPU to last 5 Years easily.
  2. 1.192, with auto offset mode.
  3. I think +0.186V Offset should get you 1.378V under load
  4. Rustyy117 said:
    I think +0.186V Offset should get you 1.378V under load

    Ok, I must had read something wrong when i posted my voltage to you lol, well, i set offset to +075, it peaks at 1.392 when my comp boots up, then goes to like 1.032 idle...

    And under stress tests at 4.7ghz it stays at 1.352, with random spikes at 1.392 idle of all things, anything I can do to fix that? Or just live with it.
    Thanks for the advice.

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    Also whats a good overclock for 24/7 with 2 gtx 580s in sli?

    I could lower my clock speed and voltages as long as it gets the job done.
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    I don't think there's anything you can do about the voltage jump when idle, mine did the same when opening programs or folder's, the speed would sometimes stay at idle speed but the voltage would jump for a second.

    I think what you have at the moment is good, your within safe voltage and temp limits and the CPU at 4.7Ghz isnt going to be a bottleneck for GTX580 SLI unless you game at a really low resolution or play 10 year old games.
  6. Ok, thanks I'll leave at that and just monitor my voltages, Temp only goes to 67C CPU package on long stress tests.

    Idle 1.000-1.024V, Load, 1.352-1.360.

    Random spikes to 1.392 on idle, oh well.

    Core # Vids, go to 1.381 on load, kind of weird.

    But i can live with it since i never go past 50c when gaming.

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